Rev. Dino (Bernardino P. ) Espinoza,Jr began his ministry in 1970 after graduating with honors from Latin American Bible Institute in El Paso , Texas . Two years later, on August 11, 1972 , he was married to Doris Loida Padilla, also an honor graduate at the same school. This past summer he completed 35 years of fulltime, active ministry as a minister of the Assemblies of God.
 Rev. Dino Espinoza served as associate pastor at Templo Bethesda for 9 months prior to being elected full-time pastor in 1971. His pastorate ended in 1975 when the Gulf Latin American District Council of the Assemblies of God elected him to serve as District Youth (Christ’s Ambassadors) President. For 10 years the Espinozas traveled extensively in Texas an surrounding states ministering to youth and directing camps, conventions, seminars and retreats.
 In July, 1985, the Espinozas were elected to pastor Templo Emanuel in Crystal City, Texas  and have now spent the past 20 years ministering  to this Wintergarden community. In addition to their pastorate, both Rev. Dino and (Rev.) Loida, both ordained ministers , have fulfilled a variety of district and even national positions with the Gulf Latin American District Council and the General Council of the Assemblies of God.
 Rev. Dino has been an Executive presbyter, sectional presbyter, assistant sectional presbyter, sectional Sec-treasurer, District Decade of Harvest Director, LABI School Board member, member of the National Youth Committee, and is presently serving as General Presbyter ( part of the General Council Presbytery).
 Sis. Doris Loida has served in both Missionettes and Women’s Ministries at all levels: local, sectional and district. Her longest service concluded last years where she served as District Sec-treasurer for 16 years. An anointed song writer and singer, Sis. Loida leads the Templo Emanuel choir and has authored many songs.
 Rev. Dino and Loida Espinoza have a life-long passion for missions and under their leadership, Templo Emanuel has become a GREAT   COMMISSION   CHURCH , with more than 30 ministries (stateside and worldwide) receiving monthly support. Both have established points of ministry in Mexico and Central America with at least one missions trip annually.
 The Espinozas are persuaded that God has them here in south Texas , for such a time as this and are blessed to have two grown children who also have a calling to serve the Lord with God-sent talents.


Rev. Edgardo & Melinda Castillo

Youth and Children Pastors