Teen Girl Ministries

Teen Girl Ministries specializes in the teen girl experience, and encourages leaders and parents of teen girls to “Embrace the Teen Girl Experience.”

We offer resources to help leaders effectively minister to teen girls in a variety of settings. Our core customer base consists of churches. In TGM, we produce curriculum and ministry resources for godly Christian women to mentor teen girls to help them grow in their walk with Christ.

Our primary resource offerings include the Friends and Girls Only Clubs, which can be used for achievement or nonachievement curriculum. We are currently working on a new curriculum option in addition to our current curriculum, and ministry packets.


Friends and Girls Only

If you have ever known a girl in middle school or high school you know what a crazy time of identity shifting this can be. Many girls confide less in parents and more in peers. They crave someone to share their thoughts with. Cultural values add pressure to a girl to indulge in choices that have long-term consequences.

Friends and Girls Only Clubs meet the needs that teen girls face head on.

Friends and Girls Only are Bible- and discussion-based curriculum for girls in middle school and high school that serves as a guide for the Titus 2 principle of godly women mentoring girls.

About Friends

For sixth- through eighth-grade girls

Friends Club provides discussion-oriented lessons to continue the Titus 2 principle of women mentoring young girls. Topics of study include the sanctity of life, accountability, commitment to Christ, life-controlling problems, purity, and choices. Units are made up of six lessons. Projects and Adventures add to each unit. The completion of unit requirements and Bible reading make a girl eligible to be a Friends Graduate.

About Girls Only

For ninth- through twelfth-grade girls

Girls Only Club gives girls a place to grow in God. Discussion-oriented units include women in ministry, college and career, truth, dating, pro-life vs. pro-choice, and attitude. Six-lesson units are complemented with projects and Adventures. Completion of unit requirements and Bible reading make a girl eligible to be a Girls Only Graduate.